Hi, I'm Roy.

I work as Head of Product Information at Coolblue. In this role, I lead a multidisciplinary team, with development, design, specialists, and product content specialists.

The teams goal is to create, improve, and distribute complete, accurate, up to date, and helpful content about our products, in multiple languages, and on multiple platforms.

In my spare time, I like to build stuff. Some time ago, I bought a house - which is old, and an unending project all by itself - with a garage and a driveway.

I expanded the garage with a fully insulated timber frame expansion, which gave me space to house the tools I needed to get a 25 year old Mazda MX-5 back on the road. I document that work on my YouTube channel, which allowed me to practice things like video editing and voice over work.

You can email me via roy@ahu.is.